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Swim Meet Tips/FAQs


The Head Coach will open up Meet Signups on the website the Friday before the meet. It's important that you sign your swimmers up as soon as possible so that the coaches can begin creating the meet line-up. If you have last minute changes and can no longer make the meet, please contact the HEAD COACH ASAP so that he/she can find a replacement swimmer. This is especially important for the relay events.

Meet sign-ups will close at NOON on the Tuesday before the meet.  We are required to exchange the meet line up with the opposing team the day before the meet so it’s very important that we know who will be able to swim at the meet. 

You are welcome to request certain events for your swimmers and our coaches will do their best to accommodate your request however, the coach may register swimmers in events which are not their preference to gain experience and to do what is best for the team. Please be flexible and encourage your swimmer to try new things.


Events will be assigned at practice the morning of the meet. If you are unable to attend the practice, please find a coach upon your arrival at the meet to determine your event entries.

Review your child’s events with them before the meet. Coaches will write your child’s events on their arm for event (E), heat (H), and lane (L)- see example below. Please write your child’s name on one of their shoulder blades. This way the volunteers can clearly identify your child. (FYI - alcohol based suntan lotion can remove the sharpie pen marks so be careful when applying sunscreen.)

11 2 5 IM
19 3 8 FREE
33 2 8 BA
41 2 6 BR

(E = event, H = heat, L = lane, S = Stroke). For relays, add a column for position on team, ie. 1,2,3,4

See ORDER OF EVENTS tab for detailed meet schedule.  


Meets are typically hot and can last for several hours. Plan ahead and be sure to have your swimmers hydrate the day of the meet. Below is a list of some items you might want to bring.  Please MARK EVERYTHING with the swimmers name so we can avoid lost shirts, towels, caps, bathing suits, etc.

  • Swim Cap
  • Goggles
  • Team Shirt or other Crocs Spirit Wear!
  • Lawn chairs
  • Umbrella or tent for shade (space permitting)
  • Towels and/or blanket
  • Water bottle
  • Small bills/Cash for concession items
  • Items to entertain swimmer between events – books, cards, games, ipod, etc. (limit active play time… reserving energy for events)
  • Healthy Energy Building Food and Drinks– Most Meets have concessions offering typical “fast food”. A lot of us like to pack a cooler full of good, healthy treats for between candy runs! 
  • Parents are encouraged to wear their CCSC spirit wear to show spirit and support our swimmers.  


 The meet official start time is 5:30pm. 

Swimmers must arrive in time to participate in warm-ups between 4:00-4:15 (both home and away meets). Warm up for the home team is typically first from 4:30-4:50 and the away team warm-up is 4:50-5:10.  

  • Ensure your swimmer has sunscreen on and is marked up with his/her event information. (Age group parents can help new swimmer parents with marking up their swimmer).
  • Swimmers report to age group area and are checked in by age group parent(s). Once you have signed in with the volunteer coordinator, please take ALL SWIMMERS to the appropriate Age Group Parent/Tent to sign him/her in. YOU MUST SIGN YOUR SWIMMERS IN with the age group tent. If your swimmer is not signed in they will be scratched from their heats by the coaches. Your child should remain with his/her age group in the tent area for the duration of the meet.  This is the easiest way to ensure all children make it to their events on time.
  • VOLUNTEERS: Regardless of which shift you are volunteering for, PLEASE check in with our volunteer coordinator as soon as you get to the pool. We LOVE our volunteers and like to know we have all our bases covered. 


First and foremost have fun! Encourage your swimmers to do their best and enjoy the meet. PLEASE leave the coaching to our amazing coaches and just encourage your swimmers. If you are volunteering and leaving your swimmer, especially our younger swimmers, please make sure they know where all their "stuff" is (snacks, goggles, money and entertainment). Please remind your swimmers to stay with the age group parents and not wander off as this can create chaos when time comes to swim. 

  • READY BENCH: Age group parents are responsible for getting our swimmers to the ready bench so please make sure your child stays in the age group tent.
  • RELAYS: Please don't cancel on relays, especially last minute - if your swimmer is signed up to swim the relay and for some reason you cannot stay, or make it, PLEASE INFORM the age group parents immediately. A relay is 4 swimmers and if one isn't there, the whole relay team has to forfeit, which is unfortunate for all of the swimmers in the relay team. 
  • DISQUALIFIED: Swimmers will be DQ'd (disqualified) for improper strokes. If your child is DQ'd, please assure your swimmer that it is okay and how proud you are of them for trying. The coaches do get a list of what the swimmer was DQ'd for and they will go over with the swimmers in practice!
  • SPORTSMANSHIP: Summer League is about having fun! We cheer as loudly for our slowest swimmer as we do for our fastest swimmer. Please show your team spirit by encouraging all the kids to do their best and support each other and most of all be courteous to our opponents.  Crocs swimmers stay in the water at the end of their races until all swimmers have touched the wall, it's respectful to other swimmers. Once all swimmers have finished the race swimmers may exit the pool after a handshake with their opponents.


When you pick up your child from the age group tents, please make sure all trash is picked up before you leave the meet.  We want to leave the pool area (home or visiting) clean and free of trash, towels, etc.  

  • RIBBONS:  Ribbons will be awarded to swimmers during practice the day after the meet. If you aren’t able to make it to practice the next day, don’t worry. The coaches will have your swimmers ribbons available at your next practice. 


Every effort must be made to swim each meet as scheduled. In the event of inclement weather, each team must show up at the pool on time. If at 5:30 the weather still precludes the meet from starting, the two team representatives, two head coaches, and starter/referee will meet and decide whether to postpone or reschedule the meet. Care for the safety of the swimmers and spectators should be of the utmost importance in deciding whether or not to continue competition. 

Remind 101 will be used for all last minute meet changes. If you have not signed up for Remind 101, do so by completing one of the following:

  • Text @crocs2021 to 81010 to join

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our coaches and our parent leads will also be able to answer questions you might have at the meet. Most importantly HAVE FUN and ENJOY the day!


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