ASA County Reminders....Please READ!!

    We hope everyone enjoyed this morning's banquet and is ready for more swimming at Georgia Tech tomorrow!! We have a few reminders for you....

    • We still need one boys bullpen volunteer for the 2nd half tomorrow. If you have a boy swimming, please consider helping out!! Reply back if you can help please. 
    • Don't forget to buy your parking ahead and carpool wherever possible! 
    • Allow plenty of time to get to GA Tech. Swimmers should be there by 2:15pm and check in with Coach Matt & Coach Carolyn upon arrival. Coach Matt will send a remind when he arrives at the pool to let you know where to find the CROCS team. .
    • If you know you will not be able to return to finals on Saturday, please let Coach Carolyn know when you are at the meet tomorrow. As a team we had to pay for each county meet participant. We have to pay additional penalty fees for anyone that is a "no show" on Saturday. Please be mindful of that. We are allowed to scratch Saturday participants up until the end of our session tomorrow without paying this penalty so please, please, please each of you let Carolyn know whether or not you will be back Saturday should you qualify individually or on a relay team. 

    Any other questions, please refer to the e-mail sent on Sunday with ASA County details or feel free to reply to this e-mail with questions. 


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