2019 ASA County Meet Details...please read...actions needed


    We are so excited to have so many CROCS joining us for the 2019 ASA County meet. We have a crew of 54 swimmers & coaches heading to GA Tech's McAuley Aquatic Center for the big event on Friday. There is quite a bit of information related to the meet included in this e-mail. Please read carefully and feel free to contact Coach Matt (Matt.Hogan.CCSC.Swimteam@gmail.com), Coach Carolyn (carolynm.ccsc@gmail.com) or ccsccrocs@gmail.com with any questions

    Address & Parking

    The address for the GA Tech McAuley Aquatic Center is 750 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30318. Parking at Georgia Tech is not free. We encourage you to pre-pay for your parking. This will save time and money. To pre-pay for your parking please visit the following link https://gatech.parkmobile.io/events . Carpooling is strongly encouraged. Parking is a little different this year. (See attached parking map). Only prepaid parking will be allowed in the W10 and W02 Student Center decks which are located closest to the pool.. If you do not pay in advance you will have to park in W23 - North Deck located much farther away from the pool and it will cost you more money. Buy your Parking NOW at https://gatech.parkmobile.io/events . Only buy the day you need and make sure you select the correct day (Day 1 is Wednesday, Day 2 is Thursday, Day 3 is Friday, Day 4 is Saturday). Crooked Creek Prelim Session is DAY 3! The cost for the advance passes is $10 plus service fee. Day of parking will cost $15 cash/or credit card.

    Meet Workers, Team Seating & Warm Up Schedule

    Crooked Creek is scheduled for Prelims in Session 6 on Friday June 28. Swimmers must arrive at the pool no later than 2:15 in order to find the team and get their event assignments. This year Crooked Creek has been assigned to the upper seating area in sections 101, 102, 201 or 202 (see attached seating chart). We will not be sitting on deck as a team. Coach Matt will send a REMIND when he arrives at GA Tech with the location for the team. Please report to that seating area and check in when you arrive. Warm up will begin promptly at 3 and only be for 20 minutes so it is imperative you not be late. Please be warned that there is A LOT of construction around GA Tech and parking is very limited so make sure you plan ahead to get to the pool on time.  

    We are required to provide 8 volunteers for the preliminary session of the meet. We need 4 timers, 2 awards people and 2 boys bullpen people. The descriptions and time requirements of these positions are included below. Some of you have already signed up to volunteer...THANK YOU!!! Please reply to this e-mail with your preference for position. We will assign on first come first serve basis. If you didn't already sign up to volunteer when you registered and would like to help, please reply back to this e-mail with your preferred position. NOTE. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck under any circumstances unless they are volunteering so if you want the best view of your child's race, this is the way to get it! 

    Timers - Report to the bullpen of the pool you are timing no later than 30 minutes before the start of your session or 3pm for 1st half volunteers, event 46 for 2nd half volunteers. You will need to bring your own stopwatch. Coach Matt will have those for you when you check in at GA Tech. 2 people work each lane, one person works the stopwatch. The person works a backup button for the touchpad that they depress at the FINISH of the race, the button will arm automatically at the start of the race. The button pusher also records the stopwatch time on a clipboard (that we will provide) for each race.

    Bullpen Workers -Report to the bullpen of the pool you are timing no later than 15 min before the start of your session or 3:15 for 1st half volunteers, event 46 for second half volunteers. You will work with our staging people to help like kids up in the staging areas and help transport swimmers to the blocks. This is a great way to get an up close view of your swimmer!

    Awards - Report to the timing and scoring room at the start of your session or 3:30pm for 1st half volunteers, event 46 for 2nd half volunteers. Stationed in the awards room off deck, they peel and stick labels on awards and put them in team boxes. They are not tied to that awards room for the entire session and have the ability to walk on deck to watch their kids swim. 

    ASA Order of Events

    ASA Championship Order of Events Order of events is slightly different for the County meet. See below for differences.
    1. 6 & Under Free Relays - All 6 & Unders should go to the bullpen as soon as they are done swimming their relays to get lined up for their freestyle swim.
    2. All Medley Relays
    3. 6& Under 25 Free - All 6 & Unders swimming the backstroke should go to the bullpen as soon as they are done swimming freestyle to get lined up for their backstroke swim.
    4. All Remaining Freestyle Relay Events
    5. 6 & Under Backstroke - After this event the 6 & Unders are done swimming.
    6. All Remaining individual events (Short Free, Long Free, Back, IM, Breast, Fly)
    For Finals we will swim all relay events first and then a regular order of events. The one thing that does remain intact are the actual event numbers used in a regular ASA meet. So event 13 (6 and under girls free) will be followed by event 77 (7-8 girls 100 Free Relay) based on the info above. ASA Championship FINALS

    The top 10 relays in all ages, the top 40 10 and under individual qualifiers and top 30 11 and over individual qualifiers from the combined results of all of the divisional sessions qualify to swim in Saturday's finals. If your child qualifies and is unable to attend Saturday's finals, YOU MUST LET COACH CAROLYN KNOW BY THE TIME YOU LEAVE GA TECH ON FRIDAY EVENING. The team will be fined $10 per events for every swimmer that does not return to finals if you did not properly scratch on Friday night.

    Saturday Finals Session timing is as follows:

    10 and under swimmers session begins at 11:00 am (warm up 9:30-9:55)

    11 and over session begins at 4:00 pm. (warm up 2:30-2:55).

    ASA Championship Merchandise

    ASA is proud to continue partnership with Fine Designs Apparel. They will be providing ASA Championship t shirts and a much broader line of specially designed items for this year's big meet. This will be a much broader offering than we have had in years past, so we hope you will support their offerings. They have already set up an online shop for this year's meet, and you can get a look at all of the products they have to offer. The link for their store https://store.finedesigns.com/southerngreatlakes/2019-asa-championships.html

    ASA Partners with River Oak Photography for 2019 ASA Championship

    A great way to remember all of fun of summer swimming and the ASA Championship is by capturing action photos of your swimmers at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center next week. The Atlanta Swim Association (ASA) is happy to partner this year with River Oak Photography again this year to provide action sports photography for this year's ASA Championship meet. Their full suite of services, including event reservations starting at just $12.50, will be available all day Wednesday through Saturday at their retail table in the main concourse at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center. More info is available at riveroakphotography.com/action. And, for the first time, River Oak Photography is excited to offer advance online orders for customers who wish to pre-order digital downloads. To pre-order digital downloads, visit riveroakphotography.com/reserve-online. Questions? Write to orders@riveroakphotography.com

    ASA Partners with Jimmy Johns for 2019 ASA Championship 
    After great fanfare, feedback and many satisfied stomachs, Jimmy Johns is back for the 2019 ASA Championship Meet. If you love Freaky Fast subs delivered to you at your home or work, why not have them delivered to you at Georgia Tech next week during the ASA Championshi Meets??? Save yourself the trouble of packing a cooler with lunch, dinner and snacks and let JJ's do the work for you! The easiest way to satisfy the cravings of your swimmers (and maybe some parent too!) is to order directly on the Jimmy Johns website, from the GT Jimmy John's 14th Street store, and watch your freaky fast delivery to the aquatic center. On the Jimmy John's website, you can schedule your delivery for the most convenient time for you. Schedule your delivery now, or pick the best window of time after looking at the swim meet timeline in your heat sheet, day of the meet. Jimmy John's will have a table setup in the Mezzanine level (2nd floor) of the Aquatic Center for all deliveries, and possibly a few samples delivered throughout the day as well. Order Online/View Menu Options: www.jimmyjohns.com Address for GT Aquatic Center (for delivery address): 750 Ferst Dr, Atlanta, GA 30318 

    Thank you for your patience with this abundance of information! A few other GA Tech facility rules are included in the attachment. We will pass on any additional information we receive this week! 
    Good luck to all our swimmers!!
    GO CROCS!!

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