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Meet Volunteers and Volunteer Policy

2021 UPDATE - Volunteer policy for the 2021 season will be decided once meet format/schedule is determined. All families are expected to volunteer in some capacity during the season. 

CCSC is a volunteer-run organization and we heavily rely on parent volunteers to ensure a safe and fun swim season for our swimmers.  All CCSC swim families are required to earn at least 5 volunteer points by filling various volunteer positions throughout the season.  You will not be able to complete meet signups unless you have signed up for the your 5 volunteer points.  

It takes approximately 75 CCSC volunteers to run a successful swim meet.  If you need to cancel at the last minute, it is imperative that you inform the volunteer coordinator by noon on the day before the meet so that he or she can find a replacement. 

If you are unable to attend the meet, then someone else needs to fill in for your role in addition to fulfilling their role. If you need to cancel last minute you will need to inform the volunteer coordinator at ccsccrocs@gmail.com

To View Your Volunteer Assignments:  

Log in to the website and click on your account profile in the top right hand corner of the screen.  You should be able to see all of your volunteer assignments and corresponding points earned.

To Change Your Volunteer Assignments:  

  1. Log in to the website and click on the Meet/Volunteer Sign Up tab.
  2. Click on the Job Sign up for the date you need like to change. 
  3. Once you click on Sign Up for Jobs, a list of all volunteer jobs;  Jobs that are still open will have an open check box to the left of the item. 
  4. Select your new job assignment, deselect your old job and click Save.
  5. If you can no longer work this meet, deselect your job assignment and then scroll down to hit save.  Please keep in mind that you may need to find a new volunteer job in order to fulfill your family volunteer requirement.

Job Descriptions for Meet Volunteers

Each family must fill a minimum of 5 volunteer points. 

Age Group/Bullpen Parents (1 pt. per shift)

  • Keep assigned group of children together in designated area.
  • Make sure swimmers are marked and are lined up in time for their events. Remain with their swimmers until the end of the meet, and make sure swimmers clean up all trash and snacks before they leave.

Announcer (1 pt per shift)

  • Responsible for announcing heats, scores, etc during meet. 
  • Must sit at designated area for duration of shift.

Concessions/Slushie Machine (1 pt. per shift)

  • Set up may include unloading food from cars, food vendors or storage area, icing beverages and setting up tables where food will be sold.
  • During the meet concession helpers are responsible for assisting with sales. Slushie machine helpers make and sell slushies while keeping area clean. 
  • Clean up and storing of all remaining food at the end of the meet.

Deck Manager (2 pts. per shift)

  • This person is in charge of the ready area and lines up swimmers behind the blocks for each heat. Getting swimmers in the correct lane and order is critical to the meet running smoothly. 

Floater (1 pt. per shift)

  • This is a "Jack of all Trades" role that will fill in at positions as needed during the meet. 

Judge's Recorder (1 pt. per shift)

  • Seated at the side of the pool with the place judges
  • Completes Judges placing form which is the official record of placing for each lane as decided by the place judges and meet official.
  • This position does not get a vote in the placement order of the swimmers. That decision is the sole responsibility of the place judges and in the event a decision can not be made by them the starter/referee. 

Master Recorder (1 pt per shift)

  • Collects the Judges Placing Form from the Judge's Recorder when the event is complete and all places have been recorded. 
  • Goes to each lane and records each swimmer's time in time column of Judges Placing Form. 
  • Brings all recording sheets to Runner or Computer operator for official recording. 

Master Timer (1 pt per shift)

  • Assists timers if he/she fails to start their watch. Timers will raise hand immediately upon realizing the problem indicating to master timer that their stop watch time will be the official time of record. 

Pit Coordinator (2 pts. per shift)

  • Calls swimmers to line up at bullpen making sure swimmers are sorted by heat/by lane.
  • Escorts swimmers to the ready area and coordinates the line up of swimmers behind the blocks with the deck manager. 
  • Seat the swimmers in their chairs behind blocks based on heats and lane position.

Place Judge (1 pt per shift)

  • The place judges from each team record the place finished (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc) for each event & heat. One place judge from each team is provided. These must agree in order of placement. If agreement can not be reached between the 2 place judges, the starter/referee is called to "break the tie". The Judges Reorder does not get a vote in the order of placement. 

Ribbon Writers (1 pt. per shift)

  • Places completed ribbon labels on the appropriate award ribbon and files in swimmer folders (done mostly in the second half and after completion of the meet). 
  • Works closely with Computer Operator and opposing team to ensure all ribbons are completed and put in swimmer files so that they can be distributed at the next practice

Runner (1 pt. per shift)

  • Takes the completed recording sheets from the master recorder to the Computer Operator

Set up and clean up (1 pt. per shift)

  • Help set up age group tents and signs
  • At home meets, move pool furniture and block off designated areas with caution tape for safety reasons.
  • Help clean up at the end of the meet. Pick up trash. Put equipment back in swim closet and return pool furniture to it's original location.
  • Break down age group tents and collect all signage. 

Timers (1 pt. per shift)

  • Stand behind the blocks and use a stopwatch to time each swimmer’s event.
  • Verify name of swimmer with the name on the card where time will be recorded.

Writers (1 pt. per shift)

  • Write down time that timer takes on heat sheet. 
  • Sheets are collected periodically by master recorder.
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